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Brake Pads & Brake Disc Replacement / Fitting Leicester (Brake Repairs)

Here at Tyres Galore we have been fitting brakes for customers throughout Leicester for a number of years and our experienced staff are able to solve your cars braking problems, whether it be brake pads, brake discs, or brake callipers, we do it all at competitive prices and in a prompt manner.

We can source and fit high quality aftermarket parts for your braking needs, but if you would like us to fit genuine manufacturer parts i.e. Audi, BMW, Ford, VW, Mercedes etc, please let us know your preference when discussing your requirements and we will quote appropriately.

We offer a free basic brake inspection

Includes removing your car’s wheels if required to allow us to inspect visually the condition of:

  • Front & rear brake hoses
  • Front and rear brake discs and Front and rear brake pads
  • Brake callipers
  • Front & rear brake pipes
  • Brake fluid

This quick inspection should provide a fair indication of the state of your braking system and highlight any obvious items that will require prompt attention but is not an in-depth inspection.

An in-depth brake inspection, clean and adjust

  • Measure brake disc dimensions
  • Brake pads remove, inspect, clean and refit
  • Check brake calipers and wheel cylinders for signs of wear
  • Metal brake pipe inspect for corrosion and leaks
  • Brake hoses inspected for leaks and damage
  • Brake master cylinder & servo inspect for leaks
  • Handbrake is inspected and adjusted as required
  • Brake drums and shoes are cleaned and adjusted
  • Brake fluid efficiency is checked and topped up as required

If you’re located in Leicester and want a quality service, then contact us here at Tyres Galore and we’ll be happy to help.

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