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Brakes Inspection & Replacement

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If your car’s brakes are faltering, there could be various warning signs. For example, a brake indicator on your dashboard could have lit up, the brake pedal might feel spongy or soft, or you might even pick up on a burning smell while you’re driving. All such signs would call for a brake check.

Our brake experts here at Tyres & Exhausts Galore have years of experience in solving a range of car braking issues in good time and at a competitive price.

Free Initial Inspections

If you suspect that your brakes are faulty and thus risking your safety on the road, we can give your braking system a free basic inspection. This service will entail us inspecting the following elements, potentially after detaching your vehicle’s wheels if necessary:

  • Front and rear brake hoses
  • Front and rear brake discs
  • Front and rear brake pads
  • Brake callipers
  • Front and rear brake pipes
  • Brake fluid

Although these checks can indicate any obvious brake-related issues, which require urgent attention, this shouldn’t be considered an alternative to an in-depth inspection. If the initial inspection doesn’t highlight anything but the signs sill persist, we recommend booking a more in-depth inspection.

Premium Brake Inspection

In order to prevent any obscure issues with your braking from going unnoticed, we offer a thorough, premium inspection service. This inspection will include:

  • Measuring your brake discs
  • Removing, inspecting, cleaning and refitting brake pads
  • Checking brake callipers and wheel cylinders
  • Inspecting brake hoses and metal brake pipes for leaks and damage
  • Inspecting the brake master cylinder and servo for leaks
  • Topping up brake fluid and testing it for efficiency
  • Inspecting the handbrake and adjusting it (as required)
  • Cleaning and adjusting brake drums and shoes

We aim to work quickly and effectively, so you can have your car back on the road safely as quickly as possible. All of our mechanics are fully trained and will ensure every stage of inspection is completed to the highest standard. If we believe that a replacement would be the best course of action, our team will get in touch to inform you. 

Industry Standard Replacements

If your brakes are no longer road safe or are likely to need replacing soon, we are fully trained to install any parts of your braking system. We can provide you with a competitive rate for all parts including, high-quality aftermarket parts and genuine manufacturer parts. 

Book A Brakes Inspection Today

If you’d like one of our team to inspect your brakes, contact our Leicester team 0116 254 4489 or Market Harborough team 01858 463206. We will be happy to provide you with advice, guidance and to book you in for an inspection or installation at a time convenient for you.

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