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If you hear strange roaring or hissing sounds, as well as rattling and vibrations from your exhaust, it is important to get it checked by a specialist. A broken exhaust can cause dangerous carbon monoxide to enter your vehicle and risk safety on the road, so you must act quickly if you fear that your exhaust is broken. 

Problems You Might Face With Your Exhaust

The exhaust’s silencer, owing to its position on the vehicle, is especially vulnerable to damage, which can be evidenced by a loud roaring noise. Meanwhile, a cracked exhaust is likely to produce a hissing noise and a chugging noise can be the result of a blocked exhaust. The exhaust can also loosen or come out of place and that’s when you could start experiencing disconcerting rattling and vibrations as you drive.

Our Exhaust Services

Regular servicing can help to overcome exhaust problems and can also prevent them from arising in the first place. At Tyres & Exhausts Galore, we will take account of your needs before providing carefully tailored treatment, which can be anything from simply changing the oil and filter to carrying out a major service.

Supplying & Fitting 

If your exhaust is irreparable and requires replacing in wholly or partially, we can supply and fit the appropriate parts. All of our supply and installation work comes with a two-year warranty. 

To book your inspection or for a quote, contact our team and we’ll be happy to help find a date and time at the garage closest to you.

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