Another Perfect Experience

Yet again, another perfect experience from the tyre pros! Great care taken with my wheels when replacing all four tyres, […]

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Our Other Services

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Prevention, as the saying goes, is better than cure, this is certainly a wise approach to protecting your safety on the road. For this reason, our garages in Leicester and Market Harborough also offer the following competitively-priced services.

Fitting TPMS Systems

A tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) works by constantly monitoring the pressures in all four tyres and alerting the driver if any of these pressures change. We can fit a TPMS to your car to help you to prevent a blow-out or accident resulting from unsuitable pressures in your tyres.

Repairing Tyre Punctures

A punctured tyre or as it is commonly called, a flat tyre, can risk wheel damage or even a fatal accident if it is not suitably rectified. Repairing a tyre puncture can be tedious and complex, however, our staff can take on the job for you and you can rest assured we work to the relevant British Standard.

Replacing Car Batteries

An average car battery is expected to stay functional for about five years but due to modern automotive technology, they can run out earlier. A failing car battery is a leading cause of breakdowns. So, if your car requires a new battery, we can replace batteries in various makes and models of car.

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