Why It’s Important To Maintain The Correct Tyre Pressure

Do you check the pressure of your tyres on a regular basis? Having the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle has significant benefits to your vehicle itself and your overall safety.

To get the most efficiency and safety out of your tyres its important to regularly check. If you are unsure about what tyre pressure is required for your vehicle, please check your vehicle handbook which will tell you the correct pressure for your tyres.

How Frequently Should I Check My Tyre Pressure?

As a general guideline, it is advisable to check your tyre pressure on a monthly basis. If you are commuting on a daily basis for longer journeys then this should also be taken into account, and checked more frequently. Tyre manufacturers suggest that tyre pressure should be increased when the vehicle is full of passengers or heavy baggage.

Drivers who don’t accommodate for the extra weight and make these checks can increase the chances of experiencing a dangerous accident or sudden rapid deflation. Tyres can run the risk of being under infrared, tyres can get worn out quicker and lead to blowouts, punctures and accidents.

Common Problems Associated With Incorrect Inflated Tyres

Car tyres with the incorrect air pressure lose out a lot on their efficiency and impact your vehicle and driving experience in several ways:

  • Damage to chassis, steering and wheel alignment
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Poor vehicle handling and control
  • Increased stress when driving
  • Manage to brakes and reduced cornering capacity
  • Reduced tracking and more prone to skidding and loss of control when braking

Can Tyre Pressure Be Too Low?

Under inflated tyres can cause handling to become slower and less responsive than normal along with the overall braking & stopping distance being affected. The likelihood of this is that you have a far greater chance of losing control of your car in adverse weather conditions and increase the risk of having a car collision.

Under inflated tyres can also cause quicker wear and tear on the outside edges of your tyres, exposing your tyre cords and your tyres may become illegal to drive.

Can Tyre Pressure Be Too High?

Over inflated tyres make the tyres too hard, reducing contact with the road surface. This leads to handling becoming more dangerous, especially when taking corners at faster speeds.

Over inflated tyres can also cause quicker wear and tear in the centre of your tyres, as the reduced tractions puts a lot of pressure on the centre of the tyres. This reduction with the road causes your vehicle’s engine to work a lot harder which in turn increases overall fuel consumption.

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Why It’s Important To Maintain The Correct Tyre Pressure
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